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April 2010 Posts

Good SEO: Better Than Yellow Pages

APRIL 30, 2010: Judy Matysik, Vice President of Client Services, Content & Design
Content Marketing Search Engine Optimization

As the world moves toward digital marketing, you have to wonder how much longer printed yellow page directories can hold on. In 2009, yellow page sales dropped 7.5%, so it looks like yellow is starting to bleed red.

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Conduct a Creative Brainstorm

APRIL 28, 2010: Courtney Kupsch, Creative Manager
Design Guest Blogger Marketing Strategy Results

Ever wonder how great marketing ideas like the E*TRADE® talking babies, the “man-your-man-could-smell-like-man” from Old Spice® or my all time favorite, the talking stain from Tide® come to be? On the other hand, ever wonder how a group of people could leave a room thinking creepy, talking rodents could stimulate hunger for Quizno’s® or repeatedly saying a brand name in a headache provoking manner could ironically make people want to use HeadOn® to relieve their headache? Good or bad marketing ideas can come from some unlikable places but most stem from a creative brainstorm.

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Go Green and Improve Results with Integrated Marketing

APRIL 21, 2010: Brian Haugen, Interactive Marketing Strategist
Guest Blogger Email Marketing Integrated Marketing

Tomorrow is Earth Day, a 40-year old celebration of greening our planet. Today, I read Earth Day 2010: Email Advances The Cause. Drawing readers back to the haunting 1970 Keep America Beautiful PSA, post author Neil Berman reminds us that we've come a long way since that PSA first ran. I think we could go a step further and say integrated marketing efforts advance the cause.

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How to Beat Writer’s Block or Die!

APRIL 15, 2010: Jim Larranaga, Executive Vice President
Content Marketing Custom Publishing

When it comes to creating great content, most of it starts with the written words on a screen. Even if you’re creating a podcast or a video, you probably need to create an outline or a script before going into production. So if you’re one of those content creators who sometimes gets writer’s block, what’s your solution, more Starbucks or another shot of Redbull? (Hemingway preferred Mojitos.)

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Time to Improve ROI!

APRIL 14, 2010: Brian Haugen, Interactive Marketing Strategist
Guest Blogger Marketing Strategy Online Marketing Results

There was a lot of positive response to our post, What is Return On Investment (ROI)?, but it really only focused on ideas for properly measuring ROI as it relates to a marketing initiative. In this post, I want to examine the true levers that are available for improving ROI. If you're now thinking to yourself along these lines ...

  • A creative campaign idea!
  • Revamping the website and SEO!
  • Generating loyalty through social media and content!
... those are all great thoughts, but that's not what I'm getting at here. I want to explain why I believe that time is the most important aspect of ROI.

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