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February 2010 Posts

Put on Your Critical Thinking Cap

FEBRUARY 24, 2010: Judy Matysik, Vice President of Client Services, Content & Design
Content Marketing Custom Publishing

If you're called upon to edit an informational or marketing publication for your organization, you need to look beyond typos and grammatical errors.

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Using Mobile Social Media for Crisis Communications

FEBRUARY 24, 2010: Jim Larranaga, Executive Vice President
Social Media Marketing Strategy

Every industry seems to have a topic niche on Twitter. Search for financial institutions and you'll find many posts on interest rate changes and the best rates. Do the same for the healthcare industry, and you'll see lots of friendly reminders to exercise or cook with healthy recipes. I recently discovered the utility industry has a unique niche on Twitter, too.

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The Battle for E-Books: A Lesson for Marketers

FEBRUARY 12, 2010: Jim Larranaga, Executive Vice President
Content Marketing Integrated Marketing Marketing Strategy

In my November post, “Digital Textbooks on Campus: When Will It Catch On?”, I mentioned that had made inroads on college campuses with its Kindle reading device. Soon after, the world’s largest online bookseller began slashing prices on digital books making publishers nervous about the future of their print sales.

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One Dozen Great Resources on Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

FEBRUARY 5, 2010: Brian Bierbaum, Vice President of Strategy and Growth
Integrated Marketing

As a follow-up to my recent post on "What is Integrated Marketing Anyway?" I thought a comprehensive list of resources about Integrated Marketing Communications would be helpful. Enjoy!

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20 Email Newsletter List Building Ideas

FEBRUARY 4, 2010: Brian Haugen, Interactive Marketing Strategist
Guest Blogger Email Marketing Custom Publishing Online Marketing

We know that email addresses can pay big dividends for marketers in the long run. That’s why email was one of the first big channels in online marketing, and why it remains a powerful one today. But how do you build this asset? Let's review some email list building tactics that Priority Integrated Marketing has helped banks, credit unions, hospitals and more to implement with success. These 20 ideas require you to build trust, incentivize and streamline.

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