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July 2011 Posts

Google +1, Facebook -1?

JULY 27, 2011: Jen Joly, Senior Director / Marketing, Communications and Brand Management
Social Media

When I first heard about Google+, the first thing I thought was "what happened to Google Buzz?" I realize this was a silly question given that most experts had considered Buzz dead for a long time, but I wondered (and still wonder) if Google+ could gain any traction given it failed to generate a real network of scale in the past (and I hadn't even recalled Google's other two social media failures OpenSocial and Wave).

Like most marketers, curiosity drew me in anyhow - I didn't want to risk being on the sidelines as all of my colleagues reveled in some great, shiny new toy. Unfortunately, I'm sitting here weeks later feeling a little disappointed with somewhat empty circles and wondering what applications for business will eventually be announced.

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Planning and Strategy: Objectives for Financial Institutions Using Facebook Marketing

JULY 25, 2011: Marcus Anderson, Interactive Marketing Strategist
Social Media Guest Blogger Client Service Marketing Strategy

Social media platforms don't sleep at all, ever! They are literally open for business 24/7/365. Many Credit Unions and Banks on Facebook have already heard the wake up call and have taken the first sips of morning coffee with interactive marketing by establishing a Facebook page. Unfortunately, without considering a complete marketing plan or strategy for Facebook presence, many pages are just sitting at the breakfast table waiting to see where the day will take them next.

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Retirement Community Marketing: Involving Stakeholders

JULY 21, 2011: Dave Wencel, Business Development Representative
Social Media Content Marketing

The decision of how to manage an aging family member's living situation is one of life's most difficult. As a marketer, you understand that there are multiple stakeholders involved in making the final decision: the individual, the family, healthcare professionals and others. As a result, it's extremely important to ensure you're reaching all of them with your facility's message.

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Good Content: What If Facebook, Gmail and Hotmail Don’t Like Your Marketing Messages?

JULY 19, 2011: Jim Larranaga, Executive Vice President
Social Media Email Marketing Content Marketing

You’ve heard us discuss here on our blog that good content can spark engagement and conversations with your customers. Facebook now studies how many of your wall posts actually generate likes or comments and if your engagement ratio is low, your future posts to likers might get filtered-out by Facebook.

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5 Tips for Collaborating on Your Next Project Proposal

JULY 14, 2011: Dan Paup, Business Development Representative
Guest Blogger Client Service Leadership Results

You've spent countless hours working on your marketing strategy. You've spent even more countless hours working on preparing your latest project notes or RFP to get the most accurate quote you can from potential outside partners (Need help? Read our tips for preparing your next RFP). Make the most of those hours by incorporating these 5 tips for collaborating with prospective partners on your next project proposal.

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