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June 2011 Posts

5 Ways to Cope with the New-Normal Workload

JUNE 30, 2011: Judy Matysik, Vice President of Client Services, Content & Design
Client Service Integrated Marketing Work-Life Balance

Corporations are doing a great job of doing more with less and increasing productivity. It makes owners, shareholders and creditors very happy. But, what about the staff? As a marketing professional, you probably face increased productivity demands. You’re required to multitask – plan a marketing strategy, respond to urgent requests for materials, master interactive platforms like social media, implement a new campaign – all the while coping with fewer resources and a limited budget.

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Accounting Firm Blogs

JUNE 29, 2011: Brian Bierbaum, Vice President of Strategy and Growth

Blogging is becoming more and more prevalent in the accounting profession. Michele Golden, one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting according to Accounting Today, has a blog where she lists the many accounting firm and related industry blogs currently out there. If you watch it for some time, you will notice that it is growing every month. I think this is a clear indication that the accounting industry is integrating digital content into their marketing mix in a good way.

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Need Ideas? Feedback? Try Crowdsourcing

JUNE 15, 2011: Jen Joly, Senior Director / Marketing, Communications and Brand Management
Marketing Strategy Online Marketing

This week, Mashable covered the country of Iceland and their decision to include social media in drafting a new governing document. Iceland's Constitutional Council chose to include social media in order to make the process transparent and have the ability to collect public input. Iceland's drafted constitution is now available online and the council is busy managing submitted amendments. Which got me to thinking ... if governments are using crowdsourcing in creating or revising their mission, why aren't we as companies (especially since both private and public companies are generally considered more progressive than governments) employing crowdsourcing more?

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3 Ways to Promote Your Physicians (With or Without Them)

JUNE 3, 2011: Jen Joly, Senior Director / Marketing, Communications and Brand Management
Content Marketing Integrated Marketing Marketing Strategy Online Marketing Search Engine Optimization

A colleague here at Priority Integrated Marketing recently mentioned a visit with their physician who was lamenting the many marketing duties they were now expected to contribute. The physician longed for the days of old when they weren't required to promote themselves. I'm certain most healthcare marketers don't have it easy when it comes to engaging their physicians in the marketing of them as practitioners. Here are 3 ways you can promote physicians in your practice - and most of these ideas can be employed without those busy Docs!

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