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May 2011 Posts

Why You Should Incorporate Email Marketing at Your Bank or Credit Union

MAY 31, 2011: Grant Evans, Interactive Project Manager
Email Marketing

For many bank and credit union marketers, the biggest hurdle in getting an email marketing program off the ground isn't actually sitting down and writing the content to use (although that's the second most common struggle we hear). Often, we hear that getting permission from senior management to start sending those emails is the biggest challenge. Here are a few thoughts on why management should start allowing you to build your email marketing strategy.

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Research Shows Email Dominates Mobile Usage

MAY 24, 2011: Jim Larranaga, Executive Vice President
Email Marketing Mobile

When you review the comScore info below, it’s easy to see how prevalent email usage is among mobile consumers. Devices like the iPhone and the Android operating system make it easy integrate social media and entertainment to our phones, however, the number of people using mobile for email is growing at a tremendous rate. According to this study, 'in November 2010, 70.1 million mobile users (30 percent of all mobile subscribers) accessed email on their mobile.' And check out the growth in daily mobile email users!

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How Not to Screw Up Your CPA Firm's New Website

MAY 20, 2011: Brian Bierbaum, Vice President of Strategy and Growth
Blogging Website Design And Development

With the Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM) Summit coming up, I thought it would be appropriate to touch on CPA firm websites. If you are interested in turning your old website into a great lead generation and marketing tool, read on for some quick do's and don'ts to get you started.

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Hospital Marketing Studies and Statistics

MAY 18, 2011: Brian Bierbaum, Vice President of Strategy and Growth
Social Media Email Marketing Content Marketing Mobile Search Engine Optimization Website Design And Development

Have you ever been asked to present (with short notice) your marketing project to the board of directors or an executive committee at your hospital? Chances are that you have and you may have found yourself scrambling to pull together additional relevant industry stats to work into your presentation. This post is devoted to helping you build a business case to sell your project to management for a variety of project types including social media, email, website and search engine optimization.

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Does Your Email Look Good Naked?

MAY 12, 2011: Grant Evans, Interactive Project Manager
Email Marketing

Don't worry. This post is completely safe to be reading at work. By naked, I'm referring to when your email is viewed with images turned off. You're ready to hit send, proud of your latest email design, but did you check to see how your email looks for most of your subscribers? Most email clients have images turned off by default, so your first and quite often the last opportunity to engage your subscriber isn't your design. It's your subject line and your creative placement of non-image based copy. I know personally I rarely ever turn images on. Many of my friends and family do the same, so I know I'm not being odd. Okay, so I am a bit off, but that's a whole different blog post.

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