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November 2011 Posts

Add Pizzazz to Your Emails with Animated GIFs

NOVEMBER 29, 2011: Grant Evans, Interactive Project Manager
Email Marketing

Want to grab your readers' attention? Try adding an animated gif to catch your reader’s eye. And if you create a really fun animation, your readers may actually forward your email on to friends and family. Animated gifs are basically made up of a bunch of images that when played in sequence look like the image is moving. Here are a few examples from recent email campaigns.

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Happy Thanksgiving: State Farm®, William Shatner and Turkey Fryers

NOVEMBER 21, 2011: Jen Joly, Senior Director / Marketing, Communications and Brand Management
Content Marketing

State Farm and their partner agencies make great ads. (This one about an agent named Jake always makes me chuckle.) But their latest marketing campaign truly stands out. Educational content marketing should be educational. But, let's not forget that it can also be funny. It can make light of a serious subject while still getting the message across.

Get it right and your funny educational message could go viral.

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10 Tips for Better Interviews with Health Professionals

NOVEMBER 17, 2011: Sarah Barto, Content Specialist
Content Marketing Writing

Marketers rely on interviews to add substance and credibility to our efforts – we can't just create this stuff out of thin air! The problem: doctors, nurses and administrators are busy. Chasing them down for interviews and coming through with dazzling quotes requires a bit of skill and some luck.

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Healthcare Accountability, Integration and KISS at Greystone in Orlando

NOVEMBER 14, 2011: Jim Larranaga, Executive Vice President
Social Media Content Marketing Integrated Marketing Leadership Marketing Strategy Website Design And Development

I'm back from sunny Florida to a somewhat dreary Minneapolis in November. However cool and dreary it may feel in Minnesota, I'm feeling extraordinarily inspired ... a little sunny you could even say! Why? Because I spent two days last week with some of the greatest minds in healthcare marketing at the 15th Annual Greystone Healthcare Internet Conference.

Along with a few colleagues from the Priority Integrated Marketing and Dowden Custom Media teams, I heard from many healthcare marketers telling stories of integration, collaboration and even KISS.

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4 Answers to the Question: What Is Your #1 Tip for Building a Budget?

NOVEMBER 10, 2011: Shelly Elliott, Business Development Representative
Leadership Marketing Strategy

Let's face it: budgeting is hard work. Right now, most of us are in either in the midst or tail end of planning for 2012. I asked 4 of my closest contacts, "What is your #1 tip for building a budget?" I was not surprised that they all provided great tips for other marketers. I was surprised to find that they offered such a variety of helpful tips and strategies they use in their own planning.

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