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February 2012 Posts

7 Guidelines for Legit Facebook Promotions

FEBRUARY 29, 2012: Jason Douglas, Interactive Marketing Strategist
Social Media Guest Blogger

There is often an approval process for any content posted on a social media channel, especially for healthcare and financial services marketers. Contests and promotions receive additional scrutiny as there are plenty of guidelines to follow, especially on Facebook.

Recently, I read a post discussing things you may be doing that could get your Facebook page shut down. The post made some good points and highlights many of the Facebook Promotions Guidelines. But the message seemed to be that it’s impossible to have any type of giveaway or promotion. That is not the case. You simply need to understand the guidelines and how to work within them. Let’s walk through them now.

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State of Email Marketing in Financial Services

FEBRUARY 16, 2012: Brian Bierbaum, Vice President of Strategy and Growth
Email Marketing Marketing Strategy Online Marketing

In a comprehensive 28-page report titled The State of Online & Mobile Banking, comScore explores challenging topics such as email marketing, social media, online customer engagement and more from a financial marketer's perspective. The report can help answer questions such as: Are consumers interacting with financial institutions via social media? Is email marketing still effective? Are consumers interested in online chat? I'll highlight a few key takeaways for the financial marketer with a vested interest in email marketing.

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Webinar: PPC and SEO for Hospital Service Line Marketers

FEBRUARY 10, 2012: Brian Bierbaum, Vice President of Strategy and Growth
Search Engine Marketing Search Engine Optimization

Last month, Priority’s Jason Douglas and I presented "PPC and SEO for Hospital Service Line Marketers." Learn more by reading the recap below or by viewing the slides on slideshare (also below).

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Long Timelines? 5 Tips for Dealing with Last-Minute Info

FEBRUARY 6, 2012: Judy Matysik, Vice President of Client Services, Content & Design
Client Service Custom Publishing

To paraphrase Mark Twain, rumors of the death of print have been greatly exaggerated. The good news is you can use print to reinforce and complement your messages through interactive channels. However, if you’re like many communications pros working on print pubs, one of your challenges is balancing time. By the time you get input from subject matter experts, senior managers and legal and compliance reviewers, your carefully crafted content may be old news. Here are a few tips that may help.

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Target Your Inactive Email Subscribers

FEBRUARY 1, 2012: Grant Evans, Interactive Project Manager
Email Marketing

Did you know that 70-75% of your email list is inactive? That means only 25-30% of your email list is active. If this was high school, you would be failing. Luckily when it comes to email marketing, it's an open book world. So open your 'books' and follow the steps below. I'll start with steps to help you segment your inactive subscribers, identify ways to re-engage, test your results and improve the opt-in process (in many cases this is the underlying problem).

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