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March 2012 Posts

5 Healthcare Marketing Trends That Will Impact Your Hospital or Practice

MARCH 22, 2012: Brian Bierbaum, Vice President of Strategy and Growth
Social Media Email Marketing Marketing Strategy

Who says healthcare is boring? There are more game changing trends occurring in healthcare that stand to impact the way you market you hospital or practice than in the history of modern healthcare. Let’s take a brief journey through 5 trends that will impact your marketing department this year.

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You Have Marketing Data, Analytics, Dashboards. Now What?

MARCH 16, 2012: Brian Bierbaum, Vice President of Strategy and Growth
Social Media Email Marketing Mobile Search Engine Optimization Website Design And Development

ROI, dashboards, CRM, analytics ... Did I miss any of the overused buzzwords we hear as marketers? Once you have access to your marketing data, what are you doing with it? Are you making more informed decisions or are you afraid of what you will find?

Or worse ... are others in your organization worried a world of accountable marketing will cause various slush funds to be redirected to marketing? I am going to demonstrate what you can gain by spending just 30 minutes analyzing your data.

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Big Brands Rely on Content Marketing. Do You?

MARCH 8, 2012: Jim Larranaga, Executive Vice President
Branding Content Marketing

My last blog post was on January 26. I can’t believe how time flies when you’re helping clients with content strategies and rebranding. Since that time, I have been busy tweeting, testing Social Media Daily and attempting to understand Facebook's new Timeline feature. The beauty of these tools is that you typically stumble upon new ideas you might not hear about in the office. For example, this interactive Flash video, The Scale of the Universe 2 should blow your mind.

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Spending on Content Marketing Rose in 2011

MARCH 5, 2012: Jen Joly, Senior Director / Marketing, Communications and Brand Management
Content Marketing

According to the 2011 "Spending Study" conducted by the Custom Content Council, companies spent an average of $1,914,000 on branded content in 2011 (the highest number ever recorded). Of course, a few very large brands embracing the content marketing mantra drove the reported number up that high. (One of my all-time favorite content marketers, State Farm was a respondent). While the total number might be a bit high, read on to see how you compare in spending your content marketing budget.

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