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CRM: The Vision of 1-to-1 Marketing in Healthcare

MARCH 7, 2014: Guest Blogger
CRM Integrated Marketing Marketing Strategy

The Minnesota Health Strategy & Communications Network (MHSCN) partnered with BlueSpire to host a webinar focusing on CRM and the impact it can have on healthcare marketing.

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Financial Marketing Trends 2014 Webinar

NOVEMBER 19, 2013: Luke Anderson, Marketing Coordinator
Integrated Marketing Leadership Marketing Strategy

BlueSpire Strategic Marketing presented its “Financial Marketing Trends for 2014: What You Really Need to Know” webinar on Nov. 20. In case you missed our presentation, we’ve highlighted a few significant points and provided full audio and visuals from the webinar.

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Thank You to The Thank You Economy

DECEMBER 19, 2011: Jen Joly, Director of Marketing and Communications
Social Media Integrated Marketing Leadership Marketing Strategy

In the spirit of the holidays, I want to send a big thank you out to Gary Vaynerchuk. I just finished The Thank You Economy, Vaynerchuk's latest book (released earlier this year). I really enjoyed the read. Yet, the book surprised me because it wasn't really all about marketing (at least in a traditional sense), nor was it all about social media.

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Healthcare Accountability, Integration and KISS at Greystone in Orlando

NOVEMBER 14, 2011: Jim Larranaga, Executive Vice President
Social Media Content Marketing Integrated Marketing Leadership Marketing Strategy Website Design And Development

I'm back from sunny Florida to a somewhat dreary Minneapolis in November. However cool and dreary it may feel in Minnesota, I'm feeling extraordinarily inspired ... a little sunny you could even say! Why? Because I spent two days last week with some of the greatest minds in healthcare marketing at the 15th Annual Greystone Healthcare Internet Conference.

Along with a few colleagues from the Priority Integrated Marketing and Dowden Custom Media teams, I heard from many healthcare marketers telling stories of integration, collaboration and even KISS.

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Using Email Marketing for Successful Social Media (and Vice Versa)

OCTOBER 4, 2011: Jon Stodola, Business Development Representative
Social Media Email Marketing Integrated Marketing Mobile

I’m always looking to learn more from our subject matter experts here at Priority so that I can help the marketers I speak with develop the right strategies and programs to support their organizational goals. I recently spoke with a marketer about her email marketing and social media efforts. She was dabbling in both, but not really driving either to success. So, I sat down with Grant Evans, our email marketing manager to talk to him about how she could maximize her success from both efforts by making them work better together.

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