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Apple Pay: Why Should Financial Marketers Care?

SEPTEMBER 29, 2014: Jen Joly, Senior Director / Marketing, Communications and Brand Management
Marketing Strategy Mobile Digital Engagement Technology

Apple Pay has garnered a significant amount of press coverage—from the exciting focus on mobile marketing and what it’ll mean for the future to the challenge that financial institutions face in allowing Apple to dictate the payments landscape. While we believe financial marketers have to care, we thought it would be interesting to dig into why they should care.

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Google Glass: The Future of Marketing Technology?

JANUARY 10, 2014: Serge Suponitskiy, Senior Director of Operations and Technology
Marketing Strategy Mobile

It’s no secret that digital marketing trends change as quickly as the weather. One major hot topic in 2014 is “real-time engagement,” i.e. campaigns that connect key audiences with live or semi-live virtual experiences.

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Do You Need a Responsive Website Design?

DECEMBER 12, 2013: Christian Twiste, Vice President, Interactive Services
Mobile Online Marketing Website Design And Development

By now, I’m sure most of us have experienced frustration with certain websites when using smartphones or tablets. Content can be too small. Images or videos may not load properly. Pinching, scrolling or zooming becomes commonplace. If this is how mobile users are experiencing your website, it might be time to consider a responsive website design.

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Tips for Developing Mobile-friendly Emails

NOVEMBER 14, 2013: Kristin Nelson, Digital Publishing Developer
Email Marketing Marketing Strategy Mobile

Mobile devices have changed the way we access the internet and our email accounts. People check their email on a wide range of screen sizes, including tablets, smart phones and desktop computers. With so many different devices and applications, things can appear very different. Your email may look great on a desktop computer, but how does it perform on a smartphone?

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ABA Marketing Conference 2013 Takeaways

OCTOBER 3, 2013: Lisa Glasser, Business Development Representative
Social Media Marketing Strategy Mobile

A few weeks back, we attended the American Bankers Association’s Marketing Conference in San Antonio. With a full schedule of keynote speakers and smaller sessions, it was a wonderful opportunity for networking and generating ideas. There were plenty of relevant discussions, but the most popular focused on ways to better engage customers in the digital world.

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