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"Digital is the New Traditional" TrendLab Webinar

MARCH 26, 2014: Luke Anderson, Marketing Coordinator
Marketing Strategy Online Marketing Webinar Digital Engagement

BlueSpire Strategic Marketing presented its inaugural TrendLab webinar, “Digital is the New Traditional (and the Trends That Make it So)” on March 26. In case you missed the presentation, we’ve highlighted a few significant points and provided full audio and visuals from the webinar.

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You Have a Great Subject Line, Now What?

DECEMBER 17, 2013: Elaine Wilson, Content Director
Email Marketing Marketing Strategy Online Marketing

If you have a fantastic email subject line but the content stinks, you’re just going to irritate the email recipient. It’s like unwrapping a package with a beautiful bow that turns out to contain a box of nothing. People remember that.

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Do You Need a Responsive Website Design?

DECEMBER 12, 2013: Christian Twiste, Vice President, Interactive Services
Mobile Online Marketing Website Design And Development

By now, I’m sure most of us have experienced frustration with certain websites when using smartphones or tablets. Content can be too small. Images or videos may not load properly. Pinching, scrolling or zooming becomes commonplace. If this is how mobile users are experiencing your website, it might be time to consider a responsive website design.

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Mobile Advertising Trends for 2014

SEPTEMBER 19, 2013: Luke Anderson, Marketing Coordinator
Marketing Strategy Mobile Online Marketing

Marketers have seen a drastic change of where dollars are spent when it comes to online advertising. According to AdvertisingAge, mobile ad spending will hit $8 billion in 2013. Considering the amount of money being spent, and the variety of ways marketers can reach their audiences, do you have a sound mobile strategy?

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What Do You Know About “Millennials?”

MAY 30, 2013: Paul Nash, Business Development
Marketing Strategy Online Marketing Targeting

A few weeks ago, Time magazine ran a cover story about Generation Y (also known as Millennials), roughly classified as people born between the years of 1980 and 2000. The article prompted some thinking about generational marketing, a popular topic due to the technology that allows us to target consumers in ways we’ve never dreamed.

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