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Lessons from CUNA MBD 2013

APRIL 2, 2013: Kathy Meyer, Business Development Resource Manager/Tradeshow Manager
Leadership Marketing Strategy Results

I'm still getting back into the groove after an energizing few days in California with some of my favorite people in the credit union industry. The Marketing & Business Development Council Conference was as good as everand certainly has me excited to continue the many great conversations started there. I've collected a few lessons and thoughts below that should be helpful for attendees and non-attendees alike.

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Using Content to Drive Service Line Traffic to Your Hospital

NOVEMBER 2, 2012: Jen Joly, Director of Marketing and Communications
Client Service Content Marketing Results

This summer, Becker’s Hospital Review reported a shift to a service line model vs. the traditional silo model in the wake of more hospital-physician alignment and coordinated care. Robert Minkin, a senior vice president of The Camden Group, a healthcare consulting company, explains, "You can take it [demonstrated, predictable clinical outcomes] to market and hopefully create a distinctive relationship with various payors that will prefer your organization over your competitor." 
Why is this shift to more of a collaborative service line model important to healthcare marketers?

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Number of Customers Leaving Banks Climbing: Trends and Solutions

OCTOBER 5, 2012: Emily Kiryluik, Marketing Coordinator
Client Service Marketing Strategy Results

Many are frustrated when dreaded letters show up in the mail explaining new monthly or annual fees on their bank account. It's no surprise they are looking to take their money elsewhere. According to a recent posting by, the number of customers who left their bank climbed for the third consecutive year. 

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6 Best Practices for Effective Email Subject Lines

SEPTEMBER 18, 2012: Grant Evans, Director of Operations and Digital Publishing
Email Marketing Marketing Strategy Results

In the typical process of creating an email, why is it that the most important part of the email is usually thought of last?  Subject lines are the first point of entry into your email. It doesn’t matter how great your offer is or how well your email is designed. If the subject line doesn’t entice the reader, they’ll move onto the next email and all your hard work would be for not.

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How Do You Measure Up to Your Peers?

SEPTEMBER 11, 2012: Jen Joly, Director of Marketing and Communications
Marketing Strategy Results

We’ve all been asked how our marketing measures up to peers. Benchmarking has been one way to assess success, especially when historical data is not available. But what about your strategy? Are you benchmarking that? As BlueSpire has evolved, we have become much more involved with the heavy lifting of strategic planning. Clients coming to us for help with their strategy often have questions related to goal-setting and budgeting. Surprisingly, we have also been fielding many questions as of late about the structure of the department (what kind of projects are best left to outsiders, how many people should be on staff, etc.). 

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