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Stay Ahead with Social Media Monitoring

JULY 1, 2014: Sarah Davy, Account Manager, Client Services
Social Media Marketing Strategy Online Marketing

With 72% of Internet users active on social media, it’s more important than ever to know what consumers are saying about your brand online. What’s the easiest and most effective way to do so? Implement a social media monitoring program.

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Email vs. Social Media Marketing: Which Takes the Cake?

JUNE 25, 2014: Ariel Relaford, Account Coordinator
Social Media Email Marketing Marketing Strategy Online Marketing

Similar to unending arguments in popular culture (i.e., cats vs. dogs, paper vs. plastic, iPads vs. tablets), there is a divide as to whether email marketing is better than social media marketing. Let’s compare the two. What channel comes out on top? That’s up to you to decide.

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Improve Online Presence with a Search to Social Strategy

MAY 28, 2014: Sarah Davy, Account Manager, Client Services
Social Media Content Marketing Online Marketing Search Engine Optimization

Social searches are quickly becoming the most popular way for consumers to get information online. From what local restaurant has the best breakfast to what financial institution provides the best service, people are turning to their social networks for advice. Don’t get lost during these searches!

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The Professional Dangers of Going Viral

MARCH 25, 2014: Luke Anderson, Marketing Coordinator
Social Media Leadership

Things can go viral for a variety of reasons. Tear-jerking stories, things celebrities say and videos of amazing feats are often shared by the thousands online. While going viral is often associated as being positive (in theory it should be every marketer’s dream), it’s just as easy to suffer negative consequences by being the talk of the internet.

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Breaking It Down: 3 Themes from SHSMD 2013

OCTOBER 9, 2013: Kimberly Morgan, Senior Strategist - Healthcare
Social Media Content Marketing Leadership Marketing Strategy

As a former health system marketer, I’ve had the opportunity to attend SHSMD Connections from the client side. This year was my first experience from the partner side. I know how tough it can be to compile your own notes from an educationally intense experience such as SHSMD Connections. I also know how tough it can be to filter through a colleague’s notes or agency’s recap. I’m hoping to share a quick and easy-to-review recap for those who attended as well as those who did not.

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