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7 Lessons Businesses Can Learn from the 2014 World Cup

JULY 29, 2014: Ariel Relaford, Account Coordinator
Leadership Marketing Strategy

Whether you were rooting for Germany, Argentina or one of the other beloved teams in the tournament, there is a lot we can learn from this year’s event. Here are seven game-changing lessons for businesses and entrepreneurs to think about.

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The Wild West of Wearable Tech

JULY 22, 2014: Matthew Hager, Marketing Manager
Marketing Strategy Digital Engagement Technology

It always seems that just as marketers begin to chart out the intricacies of marketing to the current consumer, a new world opens up, adding a new area of the map into overall strategy. Many may see wearable technology such as Google Glass and smart watches as luxuries and toys for techies, but FitBits and Fuelbands are slowly allowing consumers to get used to the feel of being connected from wrist to computer.

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Stay Ahead with Social Media Monitoring

JULY 1, 2014: Sarah Davy, Account Manager, Client Services
Social Media Marketing Strategy Online Marketing

With 72% of Internet users active on social media, it’s more important than ever to know what consumers are saying about your brand online. What’s the easiest and most effective way to do so? Implement a social media monitoring program.

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Email vs. Social Media Marketing: Which Takes the Cake?

JUNE 25, 2014: Ariel Relaford, Account Coordinator
Social Media Email Marketing Marketing Strategy Online Marketing

Similar to unending arguments in popular culture (i.e., cats vs. dogs, paper vs. plastic, iPads vs. tablets), there is a divide as to whether email marketing is better than social media marketing. Let’s compare the two. What channel comes out on top? That’s up to you to decide.

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Remarketing: Target Website Visitors for More Conversions

JUNE 19, 2014: Alicia Zilka, Search and Social Marketing Specialist
Marketing Strategy Online Marketing Search Engine Marketing Targeting

You’re shopping online for new clothes. You browse, but decide not to get anything and head to your next online destination. Minutes later, you see several ads on the current website from the clothes company. Wondering how that’s possible? You’ve just been “remarketed.”

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