Are Consumers Experiencing Gaps in Your Brand Promise?

April 11, 2016: Laura Andersen, Lead Financial Marketing Strategist

When approached carefully, there doesn’t need to be a disconnect between operational efficiency (i.e., cutting costs) and strengthening brand experiences. But it’s definitely not easy.

Bluespire CEO Mike Beckerman and MECLABS Institute Founder Flint McGlaughlin sat down recently to discuss the financial service industry’s need to clearly articulate their promise to consumers—and deliver on that promise.


Strong financial institutions look at branding as a way to transform the operation of their enterprise as opposed to looking for a marketing solution. When you have a large and distributed workforce, it’s critical to have a simple and accessible brand promise that can be understood and showcased by your team members.

Clearly articulate what your brand promise is and ensure employees are enabled to deliver on that promise. The better your teams appreciate brand value and can connect with it on a daily basis, the better positioned you are to identify those gaps between the promise and actual experience.

Bridging that gap is not something you can market or advertise your way into. Improving experience is quite often an operational play. As those operational changes are evaluated and implemented, you can include efficiency into that equation. More often than not, it turns out that designing more efficient processes leads to better overall experiences.
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