5 Old-school Healthcare Marketing Techniques That Still Work

August 2, 2016: Tina Mortimer, Senior Writer

So your digital marketing efforts are on point, you’re killing it on social media and you’re confident in your online content strategy and SEO—but maybe you’re not communicating with consumers on a different and more intimate level.

It’s easy to become so focused on social media—or any one aspect of digital marketing—that you develop a myopic view of consumer engagement and forget that traditional marketing does still matter.

While they may not be as sexy as the ever-evolving digital tools, there are some old-school marketing techniques that will never go out of style. Lest you forget how we did it back in the day, below are a few tried and true methods to add to your marketing mix.

#1: Send a thank-you note

Haven’t held a pen or pencil in your hand in a while? Maybe it’s time to start again. Send a hand written thank-you card to each of your new patients and to the doctor who referred them. Your clients who are inundated with emails will no doubt find it refreshing. 

#2: Host a lunch-and-learn

The allure of free food can be too good to resist. Get involved in your local chamber or visitors bureau and host a lunch at your local library or assisted living facility. You might be able to garner extra interest by providing patient education on a hot topic or health issue.

#3: Donate your time and expertise

Give away a free consultation or service at a charity event or festival. 

#4: Spread the word (by mouth)

Don’t be afraid to request referrals. You can make it easy for your clients by inviting them to bring a friend (or two) to a free, no-obligation class, nature hike, wellness workshop or the like.

#5: Take to the airwaves

Yes, people still listen to the radio. In fact, according to Nielsen, radio reaches more Americans than any other media outlet. Although it falls under the digital category, Pandora has tremendous radio reach as well. Radio ads, especially when they include a memorable jingle, phrase or call to action, have the power to stick in people’s minds.

How much time and effort you dedicate to these techniques is up to you, but if you haven’t tried at least one of the above, you could be missing an opportunity to increase your engagement. Of course, we’re not suggesting that you ditch digital. That’s crazy talk! But these old-school tactics shouldn’t be overlooked simply because they’re “old.” 

Remember, each media platform has its own unique set of strengths and challenges. The most effective consumer engagement plan will combine the old with the new. A marketing agency or consultant can help you determine the best way to make the two work in concert for your organization.
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  • September 01, 2016 | Martin Grube
    I make cold calls and describe our new interactive digital media platform in fire stations to potential clients and just tell them that we want them to be successful too. We offer to run their company news on our digital signage screens and social sites. It shows we care about their success and I even give the social site pointers and offer to SHARE their posts. Simply offering them help to promote their company shows you care. It works for us.
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