Hot Topics from HIMSS 2016: Digital Health, Patient Engagement, Connectivity

March 14, 2016: Brian Bierbaum, Senior Vice President of Client Solutions

This post is co-authored by Jeff Nolan, director of healthcare solutions. Below are reflections from the 2016 Healthcare Information and Management System Society (HIMSS) conference in Las Vegas.

It’s clear that patient engagement and digital-enabled health are on the minds of both healthcare marketers and IT professionals. In past years, interoperability and security dominated the HIMSS conference but patient experience was the common thread in nearly every session we attended.

As technology continues to become more integrated with the healthcare consumer experience, marketers need to get buy in from several leaders and departments outside of IS/IT. Technology ecosystems are becoming more complicated and complex, requiring organizations to ensure business strategies align with the increasing amount of technology-driven decisions that need to be made.

“Shiny objects” can provide a unique value proposition, but there are foundational elements that should be in place and higher priority challenges (non-technical) that need to be addressed before technology can begin to truly support consumer experiences.

Healthcare organizations need to answer this question: “Does this technology platform or solution solve the identified business problem?” If it doesn’t, develop a strategic roadmap that involves all departments and identifies proper influencing factors. This would include human capital, resource bandwidth, cultural adoption and technological infrastructure.

Below are a few links to additional content from the conference we thought were relevant.
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Brian Bierbaum
Senior Vice President of Client Solutions
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Jeff Nolan
Director, Healthcare Solutions
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