BeWellnm, Bluespire Announce Launch of New Website

November 10, 2015: Laura Eschen, Director of Marketing and Brand

MINNEAPOLIS – Nov. 10, 2015 – Bluespire Marketing is excited to announce the successful launch of the New Mexico Healthcare Exchange website With this new experience, New Mexicans can more easily make informed decisions on their affordable healthcare options. was built for consumers to review all insurance options and make it clear and easier to understand the decision making process.

“The Bluespire team is excited to release an easier, more simplified experience on that includes a suite of tools to help New Mexicans make informed decisions regarding their health insurance options available on,” said Brian Bierbaum, senior vice president of client solutions for Bluespire. “It is our hope that the site will facilitate better access to competitive, affordable, high-quality and timely medical care through healthcare coverage.”

View the press release directly from here.

A few of the new features included in the site are:

Critical Integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder empowers marketers to plan, personalize and optimize 1-to-1 interactions with New Mexicans across channels and devices. It leverages real-time consumer events and behaviors to deliver the right message at the right time via the right channel—throughout every stage of selecting health insurance. Plan Finder

The plan finder allows consumers to search for plans that are also on the website. In addition, there is a feature to compare plans against each other and users can print, save and email selected plans to help with the decision making process.

Subsidy Calculator

The subsidy calculator on requires a consumer’s zip code, estimated yearly income and the number of people in the household to estimate a monthly financial aid savings. It also lets the user know if any of the persons in the household may qualify for free or low-cost insurance through Medicaid or CHIP. 

Live Chat now offers a live chat feature, a tool that allows New Mexicans to chat with a live Enrollment Counselor as they have questions about navigating the website or searching for plans.


The website provides more than 25 new educational pages that help inform and assist New Mexicans with the process of purchasing health insurance and what to do with insurance once they have registered.

More Robust Spanish Site

The Spanish version of the website,, hosts the same expanded and improved information as the English site, as well as educational email sign-up forms for the New Mexican Spanish audience.

Contact us directly to learn more on how Bluespire can help you build a personalized experience for your consumers.

For more information—or to interview Bluespire executives—please contact Laura Eschen at 952.428.7718 or [email protected].
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