How Trigger Email Works

August 23, 2010: Brian Haugen, Interactive Marketing Strategist

If you're executing an email marketing program and hoping to improve the bottom line, trigger email, also referred to as triggered email, can help you boost your conversions.

To get us started, Linda Bustos from Elastic Path wrote a post called Trigger Email 101 that provided a nice definition:

"A real-time message, or triggered message, is one that is generated based on a meaningful change or event in a customer behavior or profile. Trigger-based messages can create a truly relevant email campaign to customers that yields a greater ROI, because it is a customer-facilitated exchange that triggers the campaign."

For a hospital, useful triggers could be:

  • Follow-up reminders for people who clicked to read the details of a class.
  • Soliciting opt-ins to a maternity-related newsletter for those who clicked on related content in the general newsletter.

For a bank or credit union, useful triggers could be:

  • A sweetened offer for those who clicked to learn more about switching to e-statements but didn't convert.
  • Special rate promotional emails sent to newsletter subscribers who clicked on a real estate tips article.

Here's a SlideShare that details one way that the latter idea could work:

Special thanks to our email marketing manager, Grant Evans, for putting together the detailed diagram. This example uses a total of two additional email designs and one landing page. You could get more bang for your buck by reusing the creative and simply resending the triggers again later in the year (given that the offers do not hinge on time-specific offers, such as a special rate).

This blog post was originally published on the Priority Blog at Priority Integrated Marketing is now BlueSpire Strategic Marketing.

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