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How to Spy on Your Spouse

DECEMBER 8, 2011: Brian Bierbaum, Vice President of Strategy and Growth
Leadership Marketing Strategy Mobile Online Marketing

As usual, my wife and I left for work at the same time this morning to get started with our days. Mine began with an unusual phone call ...

As we drove down the road in our separate vehicles, my phone call connected to the Bluetooth® in my wife's car. For the next few minutes, my wife heard my entire conversation through the speakers in her car. Lucky for me, it was a quick conversation with my Mom. And it wasn't about a gift for my wife. While the experience was both hilarious and eye opening, you may be wondering what this has to do with integrated marketing.

After the call, I thought of the conversations I have with marketers every day regarding security and privacy concerns raised by technology such as social media, mobile applications and the Web in general. Marketers' concerns are real and it is reassuring that as your hospital plans mobile applications or your financial institution ventures into social media (ambitious projects that you should be considering) that you take security and privacy seriously.

In honor of your diligence in safeguarding your clients, I have compiled a short list of great articles/posts that address many of your security and privacy concerns. Enjoy.

FTC slaps Facebook for privacy concerns, what does it mean to you

Regulators sniff around mobile privacy issues

Some Top Apps Put Data at Risk

Addressing Your Email Marketing in the Wake of the Epsilon Breach

Many Consumers Would Allow Online Tracking by Retailers and Service Providers if Discounts Applied, KPMG Survey Finds
I think this last one is a great reminder that while consumers are scared, they're also somewhat open. KPMG, a global audit, tax and advisory company, recently completed their fifth survey on the use of converged technology by consumers globally. KPMG's National Sector Leader for Media and Telecommunications, Paul Wissmann, was quoted as saying "The goal for providers is to enable consumers to get what they want, when they want it at the same time feeling that their privacy is maintained."


Privacy Advocates Raise Concerns About Security of Data in Health Apps
HIPAA and Social Media: Do You Have a Policy?

Please share other good articles/posts with readers below.

This blog post was originally published on the Priority Blog at Priority Integrated Marketing is now BlueSpire Strategic Marketing.

SEPTEMBER 17, 2013 : hesterl

I spy on my son's computer as your said and get a great deal of information I don't know before. thanks.

SEPTEMBER 05, 2013 : acc

If you wanna <a href="">Catch a cheater</a> via the computer, you can install a keylogger in the computer, and this tool will help you to log and track all his/her online activities for you to find out the truth.

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