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Web Content: How to Beat Spammers at their Own Game

JANUARY 24, 2011: Jim Larranaga, Executive Vice President
Content Marketing recently posted a report titled, How Web Spam is Impacting the Web & Google where it brings to light the growing number of SPAM pages online. SPAM, once the bane of email has continued to grow online like an invasive weed.

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo have the challenge of indexing relevant content to improve search results. However, new pages and content farms are sprouting so quickly they are undermining the search engines’ efforts. The new search engine Blekko has simple ways for users to remove SPAM and only deliver-up meaningful content. With Blekko, you can narrow your searches and easily find and sort the newest online – try it.

As we’ve discussed in our blog, unique, relevant content is king online and in a world of SPAM, good content is worth its weight in gold because it drives relevant traffic to your site. How good is your content? Most marketers “set it and forget” and move onto the next marketing project but it’s always a good content strategy to revisit your content to see if it’s easily found online.

Try to find your pages online. You don’t necessarily need to rank on page one of the search results (although it would be nice!) because you can still drive traffic from deeper search results. We often consult with clients about their long tail keywords showing them how their unique content is pulling in relevant traffic that they might’ve missed in past without a content strategy and continuous updating of their content.

Of course, good content is in demand these days and some spammers are willing to harvest it from other sites. Stealing content isn’t just unethical, it’s also bad for search engine optimization (SEO). If search engines see content duplicated over and over across the Web, they’re more likely to push it to the bottom of the search results or not index it at all.

An important part of your content strategy is to protect what you’ve created. Make it clear on the footer of your site that your company owns the copyright of the content, and it’s not available for the public domain. One way to protect your content is to use the search engine Copyscape to check if your content has been used in places other than your own website. Copyscape even offers a service that monitors your site and automatically updates you if your content has been hijacked. Although, remember that having people reference your quality content is still a good thing (so allow them to link back to your site).

If your content is good enough to steal, it’s also good enough to protect because the success of your business depends on reliable search results.

This blog post was originally published on the Priority Blog at Priority Integrated Marketing is now BlueSpire Strategic Marketing.

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