4 Tips for Social Search Optimization (SSO)

March 1, 2011: Jon Kidder, Marketing Intern

Google has recently launched the social search tab (see video posted below). When a user signs into their account, the search results may highlight relevant content created or shared by their social connections. For example, a Twitter post may appear at the bottom of your search results from someone you are connected to on Twitter. The hope of this is to connect Google search users with relevant content that is shared through friends with similar interests. So, it seems to me that the goal of the social search tab is to add a human element, and not a new form of B2C advertising.

However, some companies, like TechCrunch are experimenting with creating Google profiles that link with their Google Buzz profiles.

This social search tab does offer many promising opportunities for brands, but we are still unsure of the bigger implications. Maybe in the future Google will take it to the next level by adding more robust company profile options that would allow users to see social media results from companies they’re connected with. I am an optimist and I would say now, more than ever, companies will need to be visible on the social media channels – leading to more use of the acronym SSO (social search optimization). SSO is also known as SMO (Social Media Optimization) and it basically means actively engaging in many social channels and sharing optimized targeted content with your niche. This creates a community of active users that are empowered and ultimately have a better chance of seeing your targeted content in their Google social searches.

Here are 4 tips for your SSO strategy:

1. Optimize all social media channels and link them with your Google Profile (at least the channels that Google will let you add, such as Twitter, YouTube and Picassa).
2. Integrate your website with your social media strategy – consider using the AddThis tool.
3. Engage with your niche audience – stay relevant, and be useful!
4. Use keywords that are optimized for your audience and place them in different channels like Facebook and Twitter.

This blog post was originally published on the Priority Blog at priorityresults.com/blog. Priority Integrated Marketing is now BlueSpire Strategic Marketing.

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