Hospital Marketing Studies and Statistics

May 18, 2011: Brian Bierbaum, Senior Vice President of Client Solutions

Have you ever been asked to present (with short notice) your marketing project to the board of directors or an executive committee at your hospital? Chances are that you have and you may have found yourself scrambling to pull together additional relevant industry stats to work into your presentation. This post is devoted to helping you build a business case to sell your project to management for a variety of project types including social media, email, website and search engine optimization.

Healthcare Marketing Studies and Statistics

Most executives are focused on the bottom line. They are not willing to take a risk just because you think it's a good idea or others are doing it. You need to start by developing a strong business case that clearly demonstrates your project is not a fad; that other like-minded organizations have implemented it successfully; and, most important, that it will add quantifiable value to the organization. In essence, you need to remove the risk. The easiest way to overcome barriers to implementation is through the thoughtful application of statistics. Below are a few studies from reputable sources:

Are there other sources you turn to for building stats in your presentations to management? Please share!

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