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Feeding the Web Content Monster

NOVEMBER 2, 2010: Judy Matysik, Vice President of Client Services, Content & Design
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That growling sound you hear isn't your stomach shortly before lunchtime. It's your website, hungrily seeking more and fresher content.

According to, fresh content helps your search rankings, attracts new readers and keeps you ahead of the competition. But how often should you refresh your content? The answer is: often. But how often depends on the type of site and how people are using it.

If you have a social media site or blog that people direct questions or comments to, you need to be in touch daily, even multiple times a day. That could mean having a dedicated person whose sole responsibility is to respond – basically a customer-service person whose answers become part of the content of the site. And just because we are talking about constant renewal of content doesn't mean it should be hastily written. Our own Brian Haugen covered this topic in his blog post, "Why Your Facebook Page Content Needs to Improve."

If your website is primarily used by people looking for your services, you should consider putting new content on the site at least once a month. That may help with your search rankings, but will also encourage repeat visits. (Think about it. Would you want to visit a store that has the exact same inventory each time you stop in?)

Keeping track of all this content takes time and effort. There are good tips at

So Where Does All This Content Come From?

Well, that's the $64,000 question (although, since that show came out in 1955, the question is worth $521,645 in today's dollars). You could a) write it yourself, if you have the time, b) assign someone in your department to write it, if that person has the time, or c) download free content from the Web, which unfortunately won't be targeted specifically to your audience or, perhaps, of the quality you need. You'll also want to be sure you're not violating any copyright laws. A better solution? Use a custom content provider (shameless plug here – we’re pretty good at this stuff).

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