Why Your Facebook Page Content Needs to Improve

October 26, 2010: Brian Haugen, Interactive Marketing Strategist

Facebook is always advancing the way it evaluates content. Getting your social media content in front of the right audience isn’t far from getting your resume in front of a hiring manager. It has to be relevant, timely, and most of the time you may feel like you’re a borderline annoyance.

The good news for you Type A people is that Facebook has actually generated a mathematical formula to determine what makes it into the news feed. News of the EdgeRank formula made quite a splash at Facebook's f8 conference. The experts at TeachtoFish Digital can give you an inside look at the exact equation and break down some of the terminology.

What This Means to You

Facebook's EdgeRank news feed optimization has created a system that demands frequent and consistent interaction. If your content is not commented on, liked, and posted often, its EdgeRank score is probably circling the drain. But if you frequently post relevant and response-warranting content, you're more likely to show up in the news feed.

How to Relevantly Increase Your News Feed Presence

There are two kind of facebook feeds: the live feed and the news feed. The live feed posts events as they occur. The news feed is made up of what the EdgeRank formula picks out of your connection's profiles. The more you engage with a certain profile/person, the more likely it is that their updates and activities will end up in your news feed.

This is Facebook’s way of saying, “I see that you comment on National Bank's status updates often, here’s a link they just shared.” Consultants at BrandGlue estimate that about 1 in 500 updates make it into the news feed. So if you only update your status once a week or once a month, you’re less likely to make it out of the bottom of the pile. Similar to a lottery, the more entries you have, the more chances you have to “win."

You might have heard this tip before, but creating a social media editorial calendar can really help you stay on track. If you widen your content subject matter, you create more opportunities to reach previously untapped audiences. By mapping out your social media content, you can create a clear strategy for engagement with your customers effectively.

This blog post was originally published on the Priority Blog at priorityresults.com/blog. Priority Integrated Marketing is now BlueSpire Strategic Marketing.

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  • January 28, 2011 | Marquis Hunt
    The news feed, nor the recent feed, is like a lottery. If anything, Facebook's algorithm does disdain overuse of updates that aren't relevant to other users who are connected.

    I have noticed that when I get responses from certain posts, regardless of the number of times I post, I get responses to more posts over time. I do also notice that if I post with little response over time,I continue to get less responses.

    I think it does weigh in based on the quality factor. So DON'T THINK OF IT AS A LOTTERY. Ever. Quality will get more utilization in the feed.

    If you don't believe me, post 6 random videos per day, and have two of your friends who get your feeds a lot tell you how many updates they are getting from you. I am sure by the end of the week you will see a correlation of your friends seeing less of your updates over time if they don't interact with them.
  • November 08, 2010 | Jonathan Kidder
    Well I guess that all depends Neil. Spamming refers to overselling a message to the wrong audience. If the campaign correctly targeted a demographic like for instance the youth. I would have to agree with the Barcamp speaker. Just look at the Old Spice guy - http://twitter.com/OldSpice He tweeted at least twice a day. The tweets had nothing to do with selling a body wash.

    - They correctly targeted the demographic and updated the tweets on a daily basis.
  • November 01, 2010 | Neil
    A social media editorial calender does help. I attended a Barcamp session on Social Media and the guy actually said you needed to have atleast 20 updates a day per page to get into a news feed and to reach out to all your fans effectively. He claimed they actually used an alarm clock to get this done everyday! I don't know if that makes sense, wouldn't that be purely spammy?

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