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on healthcare and financial services, through strategy, technology and content.

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Custom Healthcare Website Redesign
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What our clients are saying

  • Gamma Knife radiosurgery offers patients many benefits over more conventional forms of treatment for brain cancer and neurological conditions. We wanted to stress not only those benefits, but the experience of our doctors, the easy-to-reach location and the fact that we were first in the region. The team at BlueSpire was integral to the process. They produced ads that directly resulted in inquiries. The microsite and video allowed us to answer a lot of questions and create a look and feel that are customized to this special technology. The site continues to evolve and we’re looking forward to helping more patients take advantage of this technology by finding us online.”

    Ken Parker, Director of Marketing and Communications, Valley Health System
  • As an organization we have put a strategic emphasis on selecting the right vendors, who are really partners and ensure we have a healthy reputation today and in the future. We have an excellent relationship with BlueSpire because they understand our needs, their people are great to work with, the work is impressive – plus, they always bring ideas, best practices and expertise to the table.”

    Bob Hohe, Senior Vice President and Director of Marketing, Liberty Bank for Savings
  • The process of working with BlueSpire is so simple. I really appreciate their ability to work with us remotely – they make it easy for us and our providers.”

    Sarah Bignall, Marketing Manager, Grand Itasca Clinic & Hospital