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Digital Marketing Services

BlueSpire offers a full spectrum of digital marketing services. With high-end design, new media and leading technologies, you’ll benefit from our combination of interactive marketing experience combined with our decades of experience in healthcare, financial and corporate communications.

Our goal is to inspire you with creative ideas by reacting quickly to the ever-changing digital marketplace. Our digital marketing services can be designed to work independently or in conjunction with any of our strategic marketing or content marketing solutions.


SSAE 16 Hosting and e-Management

BlueSpire Strategic Marketing offers turnkey solutions for website hosting and e-management. We employ a state-of-the-art network and servers with high-end features like load-balancing and fail-over protection to provide error-free delivery of your website to your audience. In addition, our network has been independently audited by an authorized third-party firm to ensure compliance with SSAE 16 standards.

BlueSpire e-Management

  • Options and flexibility to meet your needs
  • Manage the sections you want and let us handle the rest
  • Speedy turn-around time for site updates and maintenance provides peace of mind

SSAE 16 Hosting Network & Server Architecture Overview

  • Fully redundant network with servers at two different geographic locations to ensure fail-over protection and seamless delivery of websites in case of a catastrophic event
  • True 100 Mbps throughput at the primary facility and 45 Mbps throughput at the secondary facility
  • Dedicated, hardware-based firewall that delivers complete, real-time network protection services at the network edge to protect data from viruses, worms and other content-based threats
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 with ASP.NET extensions and Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  • A wide range of administration tools & additional components
  • 24-hour service and support
  • SSAE 16 compliance
    • Ongoing monitoring and security controls, including surveillance cameras and biometric access
    • Environmental controls to prevent hardware damage
    • Access controls and processes to authenticate administrators and other users
    • Redundant power and HVAC systems to improve up-time in the event of an emergency
  • In addition to our SSAE 16 compliance, we are also compliant with relevant Patient Health Information (PHI) and Payment Card Industry (PCI) physical and virtual security standards for Web development and data center infrastructure.
    • We manage, host, and protect confidential information for some of the largest financial intuition’s and healthcare organizations in the United States.

To track traffic and visitor origins, all sites include Google Analytics, which offers near real-time traffic reports accessible at any time. These reports can be a valuable tool in determining the effectiveness of the site.

Ready to consider BlueSpire for your hosting and e-management needs? Request a free hosting and e-management consultation.