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Strategic Marketing Services

Improve your marketing ROI with a solid marketing strategy. Whether you’re looking to enhance your brand, build a custom marketing plan or study customer satisfaction, our marketing strategists will craft your strategy upfront to ensure ongoing success.

Every successful brand has a competitive advantage – its unique voice in the marketplace. We know how to discover your brand’s voice and will create a strategic marketing plan that seamlessly integrates your voice and unique positioning with your digital marketing and content marketing efforts.


Satisfaction Surveys

Are your customers satisfied? Would they recommend your brand to a friend or family member? Are your marketing messages being heard? Are your employees living your brand through their words and actions? Ask away! BlueSpire creates satisfaction surveys and other tools that will generate the feedback you need to help shape your marketing and messaging strategy. We can help you incorporate surveys of all types, including:

  • SmartTrack Readership Studies
  • Business response card surveys
  • Email surveys
  • Face-to-face surveys and focus groups
  • Phone surveys
  • Mystery shopping

Our SmartTrack Readership Studies use standardized aided-recall methodology to measure readership, reader action, and reader perception. Whether we conduct them in print or online, our SmartTrack studies provide valuable data on the impact of your publication, which we compile and analyze to provide helpful content and design recommendations.

Let us help create a survey that generates the feedback you need. Contact us today for a free survey consultation.