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A Software as a Service, (SaaS) mar  tech unlike any other and especially created for complex, highly–regulated industries.
Your business is complex. Growing it doesn't have to be

C2 provides an integrated CMS & LMS to create, measure, manage and share your business' value. Easily create your responsive, search–engine optimization website and support your brand–coordinated digital and multi–channel campaigns from the same platform. Plus, it's easy to implement and use.

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Bluespire provides a comprehensive suite of marketing, content and technology services that enable you to use our C2 Platform to
connect with your target audience  fast!

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What to Do? (Strategize)
  • C2 enables you to stay laser focused on your strategy and target your audience.
How to do it? (BluepriNT)
  • C2 establishes the frameworks–customer experience, financial and measurements, technology, content, change management, governance and process to scale with your business growth.
Do it! (Implement)
  • C2 supports your marketing campaigns, providing a comprehensive platform that brings the marketing, content and technology components together in an orchestrated execution that adjusts to your business objectives. You are no longer deploying tactics in the dark–everything is tracked for true lead attribution & ROI.
Manage It! (Operate)
  • C2 enables you to take control and focus on marketing strategy. Leave the worry behind. Bluespire provides the hardware, software, technology integrations, compliance, secure and highly available infrastructure, and ongoing support.

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C2 LogoTurn leads into customers  fast!

Get smarter lead generation. Monitor changing consumer behavior faster than ever, allowing you to use your marketing dollars wisely and precisely. Broaden your marketshare and differentiate yourself from the competition.

All in one, easy-to-use platform.

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Goodbye  stressing, Hello  impressing

With our simple, painless subscription, we take care of hardware, software, cyber security, backups, recovery, mobile & web browser updates, integrations, technology updates, troubleshooting and more.

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