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Novation: The Place Where 3Mers Bank


Novation’s website needed an overhaul. They saw a redesign as an opportunity to convey its brand promise to its members and non-members. That promise was to provide more than a transactional experience by becoming a great partner and trusted advisor in navigating life’s milestone. In addition, they needed a website that was easier to use, had a creative and clean design, and incorporated their online banking applications to drive more membership to digital services and offerings.


Bluespire developed a website with a refreshing, upscale professional design, compelling content, more online features and user-friendly navigation. Innovation and interactive design solutions communicated brand promise through a “life-stages” banner that encouraged members to explore various financial milestones. Improved user experience (UX) included an upgraded member login, an ATM locator and helpful quick links (calculators, rewards, contact us).

Novation: The Place Where 3Mers Bank


Initial member feedback on the new website has been very positive. Novation’s employees and board members are highly satisfied with the new website as well. Early data has been especially encouraging and overall traffic has increased.




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A website redesign isn't just an opportunity to improve your digital presence — it can also be leveraged to better define and promote your brand. That means considering not only the substance of your story, but the way you tell it.

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