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Coloplast: Digital Strategy Session


Coloplast created several consumer websites focused on educational material and patient advocacy. The sites were functional but lacked consistent strategy. A new approach was needed, and the marketing department required a roadmap to provide organizational planning and structure.


Bluespire organized and conducted a strategy workshop for the combined marketing teams at Coloplast, which allowed them to participate in crafting a new trajectory for the organization. The interactive nature of our approach ensured that everyone's voice was heard - and priorities were agreed upon based upon the corporate objectives.

Bluespire then went a level deeper to suggest projects and tactics, determine dependencies and build a project-based road map that leveraged lower cost channels, and targeted PPC and remarketing ads.

Coloplast: Digital Strategy Session


A pivot in go-to-market strategy helped bolster the promise of additional funding to move forward. Both teams were pleased with the outcome and aligned to corporate goals. Bluespire was brought in as a partner to help implement several marketing strategies.


Strategy Session


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An outside perspective on strategy can help on many levels; it’s not just about the “a-ha!” moment, though there will be those. An intensive strategy session can help to align teams with disparate objectives around a larger goal. Because a road-map won’t do any good if only half the team is using it.

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