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Searstone was experiencing lackluster performance in their marketing efforts, and sought to reinvigorate their marketing and communications efforts. Their final goal was to increase inquiries and qualified leads.


After implementing proprietary lead generation and website hosting software Community Center, Bluespire strategized and executed a robust, integrated marketing campaign of fully trackable, measurable and reportable tactics including PPC, SEO, remarketing, direct mail, and print advertising. Along with the technology tools, Bluespire provided training and strategic guidance to Searstone’s sales team.



The integrated marketing effort generated 2,992 inquiries and 1,214 qualified leads in the first two years. With Community Center tracking, measuring and reporting capabilities cost-per-inquiry for the web dropped to $22.




Direct mail pieces in first year


Occupancy Rate

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Know your audience: SearStone’s redesigned website appealed directly to seniors and adult children, featuring adjustable text sizes along with Community Center modules myBrochure, event calendar and photo gallery.