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American Airlines CU: Online Rewards Promotion


American Airlines Credit Union wanted to build more excitement around Owner Rewards, encouraging members to take advantage of the benefits membership provides. In order to do so, the marketing team knew it was crucial to engage employees.


Bluespire put Owner Rewards through a brand refresh, followed by an internal employee email campaign to explain the specific components of Owner Rewards and encourage ownership of the campaign's success.

American Airlines CU: Online Rewards Promotion


The Owner Rewards campaign won several marketing awards. The credit union’s goal was to receive 300 member submissions for the Owner Rewards campaign. By the time the campaign was complete, 373 members had shared their personal success stories in branches and online. Bluespire and the credit union continue to work together to improve Owner Rewards and develop new marketing projects.


Industry awards won


Over engagement goal


Email open rate

Strategy insight

Don’t forget to market internally and engage your employees. This campaign used digital marketing (email) to leverage their greatest asset – employees. By training the employees on the campaign, they laid the foundation for engaging members – and reaped the rewards at the end of the campaign.

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