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Hillside Village Keene


Hillside Village Keene, a brand new “blue-sky” community, needed to educate and persuade new prospects about many factors; from the feasibility of the project timeline, to affordability of care and the promise of Lifecare – a new idea to many. All with the goal of meeting the financial goals set by the bank.


Bluespire developed a brand identity and launched a new website. We worked with the Hillside Village team to create onsite spaces and initiate events to retain depositors and expedite the sales process. Utilizing Bluespire’s proprietary Community Center lead generation platform in combination with in-person and direct marketing, the team nurtured and managed leads.

Hillside Village Keene


Almost a year from opening, nearly 100 depositors have paid 10% of the price of their apartment, and a number have placed a hold or joined a waiting list. The high number of preconstruction depositors means that the bank’s interest rates potentially will be reduced, and Hillside Village is on track to open according to plan.


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A concerted effort of online, in-person, onsite and off-site marketing can be unified by a single marketing technology like Community Center, a SaaS platform that delivers results.