5 Benefits of Developing Customer/Member Personas: Part 2

Creating customer/member personas is the first step. There are many benefits that come with putting them to use and continually updating them.

This three-part series will answer questions like: What are personas? What are the benefits of personas? And how can you utilize personas across your organization, looking at many benefits of personas.

Part 2: What are the Benefits of Using Personas?

  1. Target Specific Audiences

    Personas allow marketing teams to tailor content and messaging to each unique audience. This helps ensure the information you are providing will resonate with the audience to which you are speaking and encourage them to take action.

  2. Communicate Consistency

    When all front-line and marketing employees understand your target audiences, including their financial needs and goals, it helps ensure you are communicating consistently across your organization at all touchpoints.

  3. Identify Solutions

    Personas help you understand your customer’s pain points and identify a product and/or service solution that can alleviate the challenge. The process for developing personas can also help identify internal process enhancements that can improve the overall customer/member experience.

  4. Drive Customer Acquisition

    Based on their age and/or life stage, your personas can help you understand the key marketing channels that will drive customer/member acquisition and engagement. 

  5. Delivering Memorable Experiences

    Personalization is more than just using a customer’s/members’ name it can also be amplified in your content when tailored to a specific persona. The more you understand about your customers/members, the more opportunity you have to personalize the marketing messages you are sending them. 

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