Use Personas to Drive Memorable Brand Experiences for Your Financial Services Customers/Members: Part 3

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A deep understanding of your consumer enables you to deliver highly relevant content that’s meaningful to your customers/members. Take a user-centric approach to marketing by developing consumer personas and messages that resonate.

Part 1 of this series answered “What are personas?” Part 2 answered “What are the benefits of personas?” Part three will discuss the varying ways to utilize personas in different areas of your business.

Part 3: Five Ways to Utilize Personas Across Your Organization

  1. Website User Experience (UX)

Design your website and content to align with wants and needs of financial customers/members and prospects. You can use the approach to ensure your personas are putting the people you are designing for, at the center of the process.

Question: Who are you building the site for?

  1. Marketing Strategies

Leverage your personas to:

  • Identify the most effective marketing channels
  • Target for specific audience segments

Use your personas to build your marketing strategies around what is most compelling for each audience.

Question: Would it make sense to build an intensive social media marketing plan for Baby Boomers? Would generating print ads for Gen Zers make sense?

  1. Messaging Strategies

Align your messaging with the preferences and attitudes of varying sets of your financial customers/members. Once they’re created, you will have the ability to target specific audiences based on the messages you want to send out and the channels you want to use.

Question: Who is the audience and what do they care about? Am I highlighting the right value?

  1. Content Personalization

Tailor your content to align with the needs and expectations of the different personas. Personalize the content based on that set of individuals. Customers/members will be more likely to consider your product or service if it is relevant to them.

Question: Is this set of customers/members considering college savings or are they focusing on saving for a house?

  1. Banker/Teller/Advisor/Call Center Engagement

Utilize personas to help your branch staff more effectively tailor their conversations to the specific needs of customers/members and prospects. Giving them your completed personas to have on hand can help guide them in their responses and interactions with customers/members. This will set them up with remarkable preparedness and will be essential to providing memorable experiences and a competitive edge.

Question: How can we be more empathetic toward our customers/members?

Ready to take advantage of developing personas for your financial services organization? Talk to Bluespire’s strategists today.

Wondering how you got to Part 3? Learn about what personas encompass and their benefits in Personas: Part 1 and Part 2.

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