3 Reasons to Make Geotargeting Part of Your Digital Marketing Campaign

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As smartphones continue to rule the lives of consumers, they are the ultimate point of contact for brands to reach. Geotargeting can help you do so in a pointed, meaningful manner.

How does geotargeting work? All it takes is a few simple clicks and you can have the ability to target specific locations. Many platforms even allow you to exclude or specify targets based on behaviors or demographics. From as large an area as a country to the perimeter of your competitor’s building — with geotargeting, you can target a mobile phone’s location through GPS coordinates.

With 73 percent of consumers solely using their smartphones to access the internet by 2025, taking advantage of the benefits of geotargeting will be essential to your digital marketing success. And it’s a must-have for your mobile marketing toolkit.

  1. Geotargeting Delivers Relevant Content

    A person’s location tells you a lot more than you might think. Not only does it have something to say about the consumer’s environment and mindset at a given time, it also helps you determine behavioral patterns. With 61 percent of consumers preferring to get offers that are personalized and relevant to them, geotargeting is crucial in delivering the “right message at the right time.” Large platforms, like Google and Facebook, allow for specific filtering and layering to make the messages even more relevant.

    Google allows you to filter audiences from within the geography, such as only women within 20 miles of a particular location. On Facebook, you can add profile layers for filtering, like employers, interests, events and groups. You would be missing out on a great opportunity if you didn’t take advantage of these features.” –Josh Dahmes, Digital Marketing Expert

  2. Geotargeting Gives You Timely Engagement

    Tagging a consumer’s device allows you to reconnect with them with relevant advertising for future campaigns, such as tagging a conference attendee and reaching out after with a survey or special offer related to the event.

    In addition, providing consumers with geo-relevant messages at the “right” time can help immensely in creating brand awareness and loyalty. In doing so, the consumer becomes more likely to respond to specific offers.

  3. Geotargeting Yields Specific, Better Data

    After you begin your geotargeting efforts, you can use the yielded data to analyze the effectiveness of your chosen strategy (whether it be a push notification, email alert or text message). This makes it easier to optimize your marketing efforts and gain a better ROI. Brands can expect as much as an 18 percent increase in lead volume by adding location to their targeting and remarketing strategies. The data helps you refine your targeting efforts based on which were the most successful.

    This data can also help you resolve more specific questions like:

    • Which locations get the most traffic?
    • What marketing channels are users engaging with before visiting a location?
    • Which locations may need additional content?

See how geotargeting can benefit your next campaign. Contact our digital experts today.

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