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Marketing Automation: the Engine That Converts

Marketing Automation is a process that simply makes marketing…automatic. It help organizations manage processes and campaigns, allowing them to focus more on strategy over tedious execution.

If you need help with:

  • Aligning sales and marketing
  • Optimizing productivity
  • Collecting higher quality data
  • Acquiring higher quality leads
  • Executing and managing campaigns
  • Targeting personalized content
  • Measuring performance

Bluespire can help accelerate your journey toward a best practice marketing automation strategy.

The Basics and the Benefits — From Ease to ROI

Marketing automation makes marketing easier. Using automation platforms, you can analyze data, schedule social posts or perform CRM data integrations. Marketing automation content can include: lead generating campaigns, landing pages, reports and forms.

A successful automation strategy will:

  • Save you time (which streamlines workflow and improves productivity)
  • Integrate with your CRM
  • Improve targeted messaging (which improves customer experience)
  • Nurture leads and move them through the sales funnel faster
  • Enhance customer experiences (of course!)
  • Deliver greater ROI

"When your strategy is integrated with your CRM, it provides a 360-degree view of your leads, prospects and contacts. It gives marketing access to actionable data for segmenting audiences and developing laser-focused, targeted messages that influence buyers, qualify leads and move them through the sales funnel faster. That translates to more conversions." —Kyle Lassen, Director of Digital Messaging

It All Adds up to More Leads, Conversions and Revenue…Fast!

Combine all the benefits of marketing automation, and your organization will accelerate its marketing effectiveness and growth.

What’s the bottom line? Some statistics show that using automation increases revenue by 34%. Other stats show companies can even see a 40% increase. One thing is certain, marketing automation is about increasing revenue and when done well, it will deliver significant returns. 

You Need an Automated Solution That Fits Your Needs

If you have “automation apprehension,” it’s understandable. For many organizations, selecting the right tools remains their top marketing automation challenge. And for industries that are heavily affected by regulatory compliance issues (healthcare in particular), an automated solution needs to respond and adjust to industry-specific regulations and data privacy to 1) build consumer trust, and 2) stay on the right side of compliance—it’s easy to get attracted to “shiny technology objects” that claim to be the silver bullet.

The Right Message, Channel and Time with the Right Marketing Automation Platform

Despite the challenges, nearly 60% of companies plan to adopt marketing automation. A fact that exemplifies just how powerful a tool this technology is in the modern marketers' toolbox.

"If marketing automation platform is the engine, then data and content respectively, are the fuel." 
—Kyle Lassen, Director of Digital Messaging

As a smaller organization, you may need a single tool for your basic automation needs. A larger–sized organization with complex needs may require more customization and flexibility and may need to replace an entire suite of tools with a full platform.

Whatever the level of your technology need, Bluespire’s technology experts are here to assist you in selecting the right tools.

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