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Share Mission Critical Information from a Single Source

Now more than ever, sharing clear, concise communication and providing it fast, frequently and consistently is critical. It’s also a challenge during COVID-19. We make it easy for you take control with the C2 Command Center Dashboard — a single source of information for you and your community. C2 Command Center is built on our proven Software as a Service (SaaS) mar  tech platform, is designed specifically for the Senior Living industry and supports over 200 communities nationally.

Lets You Take Control FAST  EASY  NOW

  1. FAST - Up and running in less than a week with a brand consistent design
  2. EASY - Disseminate timely information from a single, easy-to-update dashboard
  3. NOW - Convenient for your community to access the information they want and need today

Easy-To-Navigate Dashboard Buttons

Important Updates

Important Updates: Post all the latest updates about your community for residents, families and employees to see.

Important Updates

Resources: Provide the educational and informational resources you choose and that will prove most beneficial to your community and situation.

Important Updates

Community Life and Inspiring Stories: Whether it’s setting up video calls for family members to join a resident for dinner, or your dining team delivering meals door-to-door or even your fitness director streaming an exercise class — Highlight how your community’s value-added services and dedicated staff, partners and families are inspiring each other.

Important Updates

Safety Procedures: Include ongoing updates on what measures you are taking to keep your communities safe.

Important Updates

FAQs: You may be inundated with questions from concerned residents or family members. Post the common questions your community receives. It’s simple to update your questions and answers as your situation evolves.

Important Updates

Contact Us: A dedicated contact so you can effectively manage additional COVID-19 requests, questions and concerns.

Get Up and Running in Less than a Week

Turn Key Command Center Package Includes:

  • Microsite branding update (as is) with six sections to include color updates, community logo and stylistic “buttons”
  • Writing/editing of initial 5 FAQs for FAQ button
  • Selection of 3 articles from Bluespire curated content subscription for Resources button
  • Client supplied content uploaded for: 1 CEO letter/daily update, Policies and procedures
  • URL purchase
  • Form routing
  • Testing and launching
  • DNS coordination with your IT team
  • C2 Subscription for this Command Center through December 31, 2020 – including content management system and lead management system
  • Training on C2 usage for ongoing updates


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