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Proactively connect and enhance the digital experiences with your prospects and depositors when it's difficult for you to provide physical tours and events.

C2 is a proven Software as a Service (SaaS) mar  tech platform that enables you to attract, engage, convert and retain residents. C2 supports over 200+ communities nationally and designed specifically for the Senior Living industry. It provides the digital door to showcase your community. We make it easy with state of the art, responsive website design, a proven and targeted approach to reach your audience. And we’ll have your website up in less than 90 days.

Digital Floor Plans

There are three Digital Floor Plan options, each allowing a slightly different experience for the prospect.

Floor Plan Select
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Floor Plan Premium
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3D Floor Plan
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The digital MyBrochure provides prospects with a fully personalized and customized brochure based on their specific needs and interests.

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Digital Survey

Digital Survey allows you to get feedback and engage with your prospects via the C2 platform and website. It allows prospects to actively provide input and build a deeper relationship with your brand and community.

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Photo/Video Gallery

The Photo/Video Gallery is an easy vehicle to provide virtually rich digital content to showcase your community and brand.

Offer Engaging and Interactive Content
Now more than ever, your prospects will value navigating your website with more interactive content as they journey through your digital properties.

Virtual Tour

Bluespire can curate photographic portfolios of your community by adding motion and music to amplify the virtual tour. Photos could include:

  • Model photos or floor plans
  • Common spaces
  • Activity rooms
  • Dining venues
  • Outdoor spaces

Complete Your Passport

Guide prospects website journey by implementing an interactive and virtual tour of community.

  • When a user visits your website, a passport icon will appear, much like a Call to Actions.
  • Prospects will have the opportunity to collect stamps as they navigate through the websites.
  • Once their passport is complete, they enter their contact information for a reward e.g., $10 gift card

We’re here to help.

If you would like to take advantage of any of these capabilities of the C2 platform and enhance your prospects virtual experiences on your websites, please contact us today.

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