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Healthcare Marketing Shifts Through the COVID-19 Crisis

Over the past several weeks, we have had the opportunity to serve many healthcare provider networks across the country and learned how organizations have pivoted their marketing strategies and tactics in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

We know your plan needs to reflect new patient realities, employee safety protocols and service line reboot and regulations. Bluespire is committed to sharing and helping with best practices, strategies and execution.

Marketing Pivot COVID-19

Fundraising is even more critical.

  • Engage your donors, keep them informed via email and social channels. Remind them of your mission, importance and need for support.
  • Consider running a Facebook fundraising campaign with a Hero Wall for emergency funds.

Nonessential care and service lines “on pause” will be back.

Most of our clients are actively planning for the reintroduction of nonessential care when the time comes for their states and regions.

  • Communicate the care plan before the reboot to maintain trust with consumers and communities.
  • Communicate the care plan with your key staff, employees, physicians and partners that may have been put on different rotations and/or furloughed.
  • Message with empathy to help consumers quell the fear of obtaining care.
  • Consider creating visual and/or video content that builds trust by highlighting the safety measures you’ve already implemented, as well as any other planned safety efforts.

The role of virtual care will change how you engage with patients and their families for months and years to come.

  • After the pandemic, CMS may pull back on the temporary expansion. However, your patients will continue to expect virtual care in some capacity (primary care, surgical consults, second opinions and other services that may be done virtually).
  • Virtual care broadens your service area, expands your competitive landscape, and it will serve as a powerful point of difference during COVID-19 and beyond.

Let’s work together.

We realize you have a lot on your list of priorities and “must do’s” that changes frequently in the current environment. We would be glad to help you develop a structured and flexible game plan for how you can orchestrate your marketing strategies in the context of COVID-19.

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