Accelerating Senior Living Sales Beyond COVID-19

May 27, 2020

We know it is all the more difficult today with fundamental concerns about health and safety of communities posing a significant barrier to the consideration and sales process for the foreseeable future.

Our featured speakers were our clients James Kelly, Chief Sales & Marketing of United Methodist Retirement Community & Porter Hills in Michigan and Tiffany Affolter, Corporate Sales Director of National Church Residences in Ohio and they talked about ways to accelerate sales in today's world. 

Discussion topics: 

  • How has the sales process changed since COVID-19 and the lack of in-person visits?
  • How will the sales process change moving forward and how will it stay the same?
  • How are you implementing virtual elements into sales and will that continue?
  • What are you doing to overcome concerns around health and safety of your community? 
  • How are you staying connected to your lead base? 

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