Reboot and Reopen: Five Insights for Healthcare Marketers

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The role for most healthcare marketers has changed dramatically during the pandemic. Whether you’re focused on crisis communications or updating service line campaigns, priorities are shifting dynamically, frequently and at an accelerated pace.

Healthcare providers remain in various stages of reopening service lines with no post-pandemic playbook readily available, a fact the makes uncertainty the order of the day. Here are five insights that may guide your marketing strategies and tactics:

1. Adopt an Agile planning process.  Made popular by the tech industry, the Agile process has become mainstream as an effective way to manage teams and projects — to effectively deal with uncertainly. Start with a Vision, create a Roadmap and execute in Sprints. Sprints dynamically adjust to uncertain and changing environments or new information, reducing risk to execution all while keeping a team focused on the big picture.

2. There is a new ConsumerPatientTM. The new consumer is hyper engaged in a virtual world. Virtual care may be one silver lining coming out of the pandemic. As consumers rapidly embrace the safety and conveniences virtual care offers, usage continues to rise. Virtual care has created access for no touch care including, some general illnesses, mental health, nutrition and wellness. It has also opened the door for consultations and second opinions.

3. Embrace a fluid content strategy. The public has questions. Consumers indicate that healthcare professionals are a trusted source of information. Be their source of trusted information. Providing relevant content — videos, articles and social posts videos, articles and social posts — should ideally be based on your proximity to the crisis. The closer you are to the crisis, the more direct and informative your tone and delivery. The further away from the crisis, the more empathic your tone and delivery.

4. Monitor your channel mix closely. During the Shelter at Home Order, online usage skyrocketed. Social media rapidly became a medium for creative and innovative therapies such as live music therapy events and connections. This will adjust as states reopen. Reviewing your channel mix for service delivery & augmentation and relevant metrics frequently is critical to ensure optimization.

5. Connect with your referrers. The referring providers have, for the most part, paused and their referral patterns have been disrupted. As they start to see their in-person patient visits grow, they will re-start their referral partnership. Proactively reach out and be the partner of choice by offering them value-added content and engaging them through email, device targeting and programmatic display advertising.

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