4 Ways to Maximize the Impact of Your Financial Content

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Increasingly, customers are relying on their financial institutions for financial guidance and education. According to J.D. Power, 78% of customers/members are interested in receiving financial advice or guidance from their financial institution.1 Here are a few tips to help you deliver great content to the right audiences at the right time.

1. Strategy first

The most effective content marketing programs start with a strategy. Begin by deciding on your content goals., whether you’re hoping to engender brand loyalty, raise brand awareness, or promote a product or other business objective. Then ask key questions like: Who is your target audience? What are their financial challenges and goals? What are the best marketing channels to leverage to reach them? What are the key actions you want them to take? What key metrics will measure the impact and effectiveness of your content? Understanding the answers to these questions will help you develop a focused, effective and customer-centric content marketing strategy.

2. Develop a plan

Have an editorial calendar and plan for content development and curation. Typically, editorial calendars are developed quarterly to allow for flexibility in topics based on industry and market changes. Many calendars also include a schedule that assigns dates to each of the key phases of content development including research, creation, subject matter expert review, legal and compliance approval. Having an editorial calendar can help ensure you and your teams stay on task as you build out your financial education resources.

3. Gather input

Consider all resources for content development. The tellers and bankers in your branches and call center have their pulse on what’s important to members/customers. Inquire with your call center to understand the types of questions they are asking and consider tailoring your messaging to proactively address their questions – and potentially reduce call volume.

4. Reuse and repurpose

Consider all the ways new content could be used. If you’re writing an email, could portions of it be repurposed for a blog post? Do you have a library of articles or educational materials available on your website? Consider repurposing this information and refreshing your creative into social media posts that link to your website. You can also repurpose articles into individual emails or monthly e-newsletters. It’s an effective way to leverage your content across multiple channels and touchpoints.

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