Reimagining the Senior Living Physical Space in Response to COVID-19

July 30, 2020

Given the impact of COVID-19, it is important to consider the evolution of the architecture and interior design of senior living communities. Dean Maddalena, Founder & President at Studio Six5, and Margaret Yu, Director of Client Experience at RLPS Architects, share their unique perspectives about how these physical spaces will change to ensure greater safety and fulfillment for our prospects, residents, families and employees.

Discussion topics:

  • What basic sanitation/procedures changes need to be made so that residents can safely resume using common area amenities?
  • Specifically for employees, are there any adaptions or ideas you are implementing to increase health and safety protocols?
  • Is there a need to dramatically redesign spaces?
  • What types of materials and fabrics do you expect designers to shift to in order to facilitate a more sanitary living experience?

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