Reimagining the Senior Physical Space in Response to COVID-19 - Part 2

September 3, 2020

Given the feedback and interest in Reimagining the Senior Living Physical Space Post COVID-19, we continued the conversation with Dean Maddalena, Founder & President at Studio Six5, and Margaret Yu, Director of Client Experience at RLPS Architects. Maria Rosmarin, Director of Interior Design with Berardi Partners also joined our discussion to share her experience with a new build project for Walnut Trace. They shared additional trends and solutions that are being implemented for their clients. 

Discussion Topics:

    • How are gathering spaces shifting from centralized to dispersed? 
    • How has COVID-19 changed the dining experience? 
    • How are you integrating technology into your plans to help with the in-community experience?
    • What trends are you seeing in other industries that you are applying to senior living community design?
    • What infrastructure changes and solutions are being considered to increase the health and safety of residents, employees and families?

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