Elevating Your Content Marketing Strategy

Categories: Financial Services

Thank you for your interest in our Bluespire bXpert Financial Services Series, Elevating Your Content Strategy, where we focused on programmatic and sustainable strategies and tactics that allow financial services marketers to:

Discussion Topics:

    • target the right audience
    • with the right personalized message
    • via the right channels
    • at the right time in their buying journey

As brand stewards, create a well-defined content strategy that provides the educational resources your customers need. In this bXpert series, Alison Thorud, Director of Strategy and Jennifer Kohnhorst, Director of Content, shared actionable insights and prescriptive solutions for Financial Services Marketers to advance their content strategy initiatives.

Discussion topics:

  • An overview of the content marketing maturity model
  • Content strategy best practices.
  • Approaches to craft your new content marketing strategy — or take it to the next level

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