Real-Time Experiences with the COVID-19 Vaccine in Healthcare and Senior Living

February 10, 2021

Discussion around the COVID-19 vaccine reveals generational perspectives, geographical differences and perceptions. Healthcare and Senior Living industry leaders come together to discuss considerations for communication, education and normalization.

Our Xpert panel, Alan Shoebridge, Director of Marketing & Communication at Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System in Salinas, CA, and Lisa Fischetti, Senior Director of Communications at Presbyterian SeniorCare Network in Oakmont, PA, discuss the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine for the most vulnerable populations within healthcare systems and senior living communities.

Discussion Topics:

  • What is the consumer psyche around the vaccine?
  • Are there differences in adoption of the vaccine among age groups, ethnicities or other variances?
  • What dedicated campaigns or educational materials are needed to address concerns about the vaccine? 
  • How will you make decisions about protocols and rituals post-vaccine?

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