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Our Team

David Benoit

David Benoit Director, Interactive Development Passion
Kate Berstene

Kate Berstene Account Manager Passion
Brian Bierbaum

Brian Bierbaum SVP, Client Solutions Passion
Richard Brantley
Richard Brantley Sr .NET Developer
Tasha Coats

Tasha Coats Media Strategist, Digital Marketing Passion
Craig Dols

Craig Dols Digital Art Director Passion
Tyler Dow

Tyler Dow Project Manager Passion
Danielle Gander

Danielle Gander Interactive Project Manager Passion
Justin Gordon
Justin Gordon Front-end Web Developer
Jenny Grill

Jenny Grill Account Director Passion
Jordan Hann
Jordan Hann Project Manager
Emily Harman

Emily Harman Strategic Account Lead & Media Director Passion
Sara Haskell
Sara Haskell Sr. Studio Designer
Tom Hodson

Tom Hodson Lead Digital Marketing Strategist Passion
Pamela Hofstadter
Pamela Hofstadter Sr Staff Accountant
Virginia Kafer
Virginia Kafer VP, Healthcare Strategy
Katelyn Koether

Katelyn Koether Interactive Designer Passion
Jennifer Kohnhorst
Jennifer Kohnhorst Director Content Strategy
Darrell Kramin

Darrell Kramin Digital Marketing Manager Passion
Lisa Martinson
Lisa Martinson Accounts Receivable Specialist
Sara Montalto

Sara Montalto VP Senior Living Passion
Nick Montgomery

Nick Montgomery Account Director Passion
Nicole Nye
Nicole Nye SVP, Client Services & Strategy
Maddie Oleszczak
Maddie Oleszczak Content Strategist
Jim Ornell

Jim Ornell SVP, Operations & Service Delivery Passion
Karan Patil

Karan Patil Web Developer Passion
Bill Pemberton
Bill Pemberton VP of Client Relations and Strategy
Hannah Petersen

Hannah Petersen Digital Marketing Manager Passion
Angie Sabby
Angie Sabby Corporate Controller
Samantha Steinbring

Samantha Steinbring SEO Strategy Passion
Kim Tamble

Kim Tamble SVP, Sales Operations & Marketing Passion
Murad Velani

Murad Velani President & CEO Passion
Jessica Wicklund
Jessica Wicklund Social Media Manager
Kari Wolf

Kari Wolf Design Studio Director Passion